I’ve been reading Mary Ruefle’s poetry for a grad class.  I came across her website, and under “Contact,” it reads:

"Surprise! I do not actually own a computer.

The only way to contact me is by contacting

my press, Wave Books, or by running into someone

I know personally on the street.”

Happy tuesday, happy spring, and happy poetry month!

Love, light, & writing,


Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Lewis Carroll

Tell yourself something happy

Writing from the Arbitrary

pw.org’s prompt for the day:

"Open a dictionary, an encyclopedia, or a book from your bookshelves to any page; choose a word, and write it down. Repeat this nine times. Write a poem with ten couplets (they need not rhyme) using one of the words from your list in each couplet, without using the first person."

This sounds fun! Happy writing!

The Music of Pi

(Happy Pi Day one day late!)